My Muse is a Demanding Mistress

My Muse is a Demanding Mistress image
It has been a big year for me, going from not having any published stories at the start of the year, to having published 14 separate titles in the space of just over seven months (May - December, 2012).

My muse has been a very demanding mistress.

I don’t know what it means to be prolific. I just write the stories that present themselves in my mind. My muse, whoever or wherever she is, has blessed me for the time being with a selection of tales that I can craft for the fan of erotic literature. So far, they’ve been almost entirely short stories, but the novellas are starting to arrive and, the novels shouldn’t be too far behind them.

When I went into the publishing game, it was completely blind. As a male self-pub author in a female-dominated niche, I really had no idea what I was getting myself in for. I knew that my small collection of private readers who had read my early works were all very enthusiastic and encouraging in my work. Taking that huge leap into pressing the button labelled "Publish" took a lot longer than it should have to get that courage up. Now, I take a running jump at it whenever I can. Then, I struggled and procrastinated about what it would take to actually become a published author.

This is an anthology of my collected 2012 works, collated for your enjoyment with dedicated introductions for each title.

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