In Human Form

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Banished from the heavens for daring to love each other, Alexis and Seth are locked in stone for all but one night a year — All Hallow’s Eve. Their one night in human form is the only time they get to be with each other, but they are facing an uncertain future as the night has changed around them over the centuries. Seeing her opportunity to resolve it, Alexis takes a step that could only be described as shocking, but has it worked?

Special bonus story — Île Sans Nom

There’s a reason why no one wants to visit Île Sans Nom, though no one can remember what it is. For Shaun and Nicola that mystery only pulls them closer to the island. Finally they are granted permission to visit the Île Sans Nom, but is it a journey they will return from? A straight out tale of horror featuring wrecked warships, sunken graves, and a mortuary slab cooling in the forest.

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