Surprises Around All Corners

Cornered Surprises
Today I received a pleasant set of surprises, which has provided a nice bookend to the last week of ups and downs, but mainly downs.

The first of the surprises was an email from my editor, complete with an edited manuscript. Given that I have one story still in pre-production, getting a second one entering that stage was a very nice surprise and well ahead of what I was expecting. This new story should appear by mid-August.

The remaining surprises were related to recent sales. Reporting from the retail sites is starting to catch up to what books are currently for sale, and the lag in reporting is showing that sales have still been taking place. I was worried for a little while that the lack of reporting meant that sales had ceased, but for that not to be the case was very nice news.

Probably the biggest piece of news that I took pride in was in one of the sales reports received today I discovered a set of sales from a major bookseller that I wasn’t aware I was supplying books to. It turns out that one of the sites currently selling my books is actually aggregating them for some other retailers. I must have missed it in the agreement when I signed up.

What I’m very pleased about is seeing my works listed with a major, mainstream bookseller. Not only that, but that they’re selling there, as well.

It has been a very nice end to the week and returned some very much needed motivation and happiness after the last few weeks of worry.