Summer Sale

Summer Sale
It’s a little bit late on the notification, but my three published titles have been accepted into the Summer / Winter sale promotion at Smashwords. At 50% off each title for the month of July, it’s a good chance to pick them up if you haven’t already had the chance. The code to use is SSW50 when ordering to get the 50% discount.

A Hero’s Return

The Special Scent

Tied in Knots

I have now got the next two titles in the post-editing process, so things are looking positive for two releases in July. Based on the increase in interest for each of my successive titles, these should rapidly become fan favourites. They’re already favourites of the pro0f-reading team.

Speaking of interest levels in my published stories, I was surprised to see a one-star rating for “Tied in Knots” recently issued. I’m happy to leave it where it is - after all, not everyone has the same likes and dislikes with stories, but I must have done something special for the reader to go out of their way to issue a low rating and describe it as disappointing.

Until now the only disappointment mentioned by readers has been how short the story is, but it is reassuring and disappointing in equal measures to see that I haven’t quite reached every reader.

Thank you to that reader for their honesty and I hope I can write something that you’ll find more agreeable in the near future.