Exciting Times

Exciting Times
August is rapidly approaching and with it comes “Tied in Knots” as Book of the Month with the GoodReads Kinky World group. It’s going to be exciting and interesting to see the feedback and discussion that the book generates.

I have discovered a couple of readers who absolutely love my writing, and I absolutely adore having them as part of Xavier’s Harem. If I could write something just for them I dare say it would completely make their century.

Now that family emergencies have faded away, life has returned to some form of normalcy and with it comes a return to my normal rate of writing. The next batch of manuscripts are now in the hands of my editorial team, so there’s several new releases slated for the second half of the year.

More titles continue to take shape in the drafting pile and it is looking like this release schedule will be kept up for a little while longer, at least. I do promise my excited readers that I will go back and make some of their favourite shorts into longer stories but, for now, that’s where they’re having to stay.

I will also get around to updating my book pages soon to reflect the changes in the retail listings for them.

I have also got some ideas for a special surprise (or set of surprises) in the lead up to the Christmas period. My fans and Harem will absolutely love them, and I’m sure many others will enjoy them as well.

Right now, though, they’re just ideas.